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**The 2021 Summit is scheduled for May 1st and we are in the planning process now. Due to Covid restrictions we are holding off on ticket sales until we have a better handle on the upcoming year, check back soon for updates!**

History of the Patriot Network Summit (PNS)

The PNS was created to bring all facets of Patriotic Americans together to educate, inspire and network with others from across the Country and outside of Social Media. This event has attracted Patriots from over 30 States annually since it began in 2018. This is a weekend long event held in Dugspur Virginia with lodging and camping available. (We eat good too) The PNS has hosted many speakers in the Patriot Community

2018 - Jeanette Finicum (wife of LaVoy Finicum) / Terry Sharpe, The Walking Marine/ Major Dave, David Goetze - Retired Army Officer and trusted Political Analyzer from NC/ Mike Stickler, author of Cliven Bundy: American Patriot/ Massy Campos, Self Evident Ministry

2019 - Jeanette Finicum/ Kris Anne Hall, President of Liberty First University and Constitutional Scholar/ Mark Robinson, Now the 2021 Lt. Gov for NC/ Mark Herr, President for the Center for Self Governance

2020 - Amanda Chase, Current Senator for the 11th District of Virginia and Candidate for Governor of Virginia 2021/ Mark Robinson/ Chuck Smith, Marine Veteran and current candidate for Virginia Attorney General 2021/ Philip Van Cleave, President of the Virginia Defense League (VCDL) and organizer of the massive 2A Rally in Richmond VA in January of 2020

Many other Patriots not as well known as the above have given their time and efforts to speak at the PNS over the years as well. 

The PNS has hosted several amazing bands such as Madison Rising (Now known as Made to Rise), Foresaken, Matt Dylan & the Honky Tonk Outlaws and Donaha Station

As organizers of this aw-inspiring event we look forward to making each year better than the last and to bring more Patriots together as we grow each year. 

If you are interested in being a speaker, vendor or sponsor at the 2021 Summit please fill out the form below and give us a few details about yourself and the Patriotic work that you do.

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