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Mission Statement

Educating Americans on the role of the modern day Militia. We are dedicated to eliminating the stereotypes that have tainted the patriot movement for the last two decades. We are dedicated to lawfully reconstructing a culture of civic responsibility by reorganizing readiness groups and militia networks. We intend to work to enjoin our legislators and Governors to enable our effort via statute. We must make ourselves heard at the ballot box and then we must hold those elected accountable for their actions. We believe that the will of the people needs to be returned to the forefront of legislative action. The Militia stands ready to help the community in times of crisis. We will assemble in the time of need, whether it is an act of God or an act of war, we need to be prepared to fend for ourselves and to help our community. The Militia is determined to stand firm against any attempt to disarm the people. The Militia believes in community first.

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